31 Aug 2020


I hope you are all well. After a busy six weeks back in the treatment room, I've taken some time to write a series of articles which I hope you'll find interesting and useful. Read on to find out more about this week's topic - "Neck Discomfort".

Also, do please pass this on to anyone who you feel may benefit or just book them in for a treatment!

The last six weeks have been brilliant. The icing on the cake is being able to work with so many like minded people, helping ease their pain, improve their mobility and sometimes just give an hour of escapism. It's truly an honour to be part of so many clients journeys, especially in these last 6 weeks. No two stories are the same, but one thing I have noticed is the link between the mind and body - I literally feel the stresses and strains in the body like its a map of the experiences gone through. This integral relationship is constantly fascinating.

This has led me to think more deeply about my work and prompted me to write a series of articles to help articulate my thoughts and findings. I will be sending these out over the coming weeks for you to peruse and share. My articles are an evolving mix of typical treatment plans for common symptoms, all about those knots, when to use ice or heat, symptoms of overtraining, all nicely peppered with tips on "work-activity-life" balance to avoid finding yourself in burnout.

So here we go!

My first article is a Treatment Plan on Neck Discomfort. Feel free to pass onto anyone who you feel may benefit from reading or how about justing booking them in for a treatment: https://www.nicolaroberts.net/book-me

Have a super week, enjoy reading the new article and see you soon.

Best wishes

Nicola Roberts