Newsletter - Spring 2021

28 Feb 2021

To All My Clients,

beautiful spring flowers

I feel that spring has never felt so lovely and welcome as it does this year. The new beginnings have definitely encouraged me to start to move more, eat well, focus on wellbeing and look forward to the year ahead with a little more optimism and clarity.

I hope it may mean I can start seeing more of you back in my Treatment Room too.

Whilst I am lucky to be able to continue practicing in person throughout this lockdown, I have had to restrict treatment to anyone who feels they have a genuine medical, phyisical or emotional need and/or is needing to take regular pain relief.

The current roadmap shows that this restriction may be lifted in April, so hopefully not long for the rest of you!

Regardless, do just get in touch if you have any questions or check my booking page for further information on the current restrictions.

Kind regards