Three ways for runners to prevent lower back pain

Usual symptoms

  • Lower back pain
  • Hip discomfort
  • Stiffness when standing in the mornings / after prolonged periods of sitting


  • Bespoke massage following a consultation of symptoms
  • Use a mix of hand massage techniques and with consultation, additionally hot stones, cupping, dry needling and K-Tape, usually targeting legs, hips, lower back
  • The client will likely find they will lie on their front, back or side position and may be actively involved during the treatment.
  • The client will be comfortable at all times

Home Advice

  • A range of dynamic stretches may be recommended (usually between 1 and 3) to be practiced daily for 2-3mins
  • Acitvating glutes (bottom) prior to running, and daily glute strength work
  • Recomendations may be made to check running posture, gait analysis or footware

Number of treatments to expect/plan for

Everyone is different, and will react different depending how extreme the discomfort and length of time the symptom has been there. Everyone usually experiences an immediate improvement in symptoms, even if only marginally. It may take up to 3 sessions within a 4-8 weeks period to see a more significant difference in symptoms, and ongoing maintenance may be recommended. The effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on a clients willingness to address any specific cause identified, practice the home advice and re-book within a reasonable time frame.

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