Sports Massage

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A Sports Massage compliments everyone, from professional athletes to walkers, from the very young through to everyone in their 90’s or later!

A Sports Massage focusses on ensuring complete mobility and functionality of all muscle groups, so that our body works in harmony and balance. For the more active, it should be scheduled alongside a training plan, on a regular basis to avoid injury and maintain mobility.

For others, a sports massage can address injuries, aches, pains and tightness sustained either through activity or sometimes inactivity. The diagnostic and holistic approach of sports massage is integral to its success.

The massage itself is often very active, involving hands on massage and movement of the body, testing range of movement and activation of individual muscles or muscle groups. The approach feels more collaborative as we work together to understand the current state of the body and work within comfort levels to make the required improvements.

Having trained in a variety of techniques, I am often able to use different approaches to achieve the desired outcome. For example, I often use hot stones to release incredibly tight and tense muscles around the neck and shoulders. I find this often eases away tension like a hot knife melts butter, and it feels heavenly. Whereas, to regain movement around the knee joint, myofascial cupping or dry needling can be incredibly effective on the IT band and on the patella tendon and it gets a lot deeper than a traditional massage.

In addition to the massage itself, I always recommend either stretches, movements or activities to help rehabilitation after the massage itself, as I believe the effects of a massage doesn’t end at the end of the treatment, and the long lasting benefits can be made by making changes in your approach.